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  • Your New Year's Resolution.

  • Who was John Grimek?
    And why you should care.

Your New Year's Resolution

Is getting fit your New Year's resolution? Yes, you say. Congratulations! Congratulations because you are making an investment in yourself that will pay the highest dividends anyone can earn. If you are already living a fitness lifestyle, keep up the good work.

My New Year's message is for those beginners resolving to start taking better care of themselves. And my advice is the following: Do not wait. Decide to do it and begin now. Beware of that old deal killer, the paralysis of analysis. It is day one of the New Year. It is a valuable day. Don't waste it. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes and go for a walk. If you are very overweight or way out of shape, it doesn’t have to be a long walk. The idea is to begin, to break the pattern of lethargy.

Whatever you do, do not over-think it. Just take that walk and you will have started. Then perhaps join a gym or hire a trainer. Or here’s an option that’s as simple as can be. Follow my free 30 day fitness plan. Try it and if you like it get my senior beginner’s book, which covers 90 days of training with illustrated exercises and a practical nutrition guide. Many have followed it and reported great results.

Naturally, I like my plan, and I know it gets results. But whatever method or program you decide on, act on those good intentions immediately. The paralysis of analysis is a killer. Take that walk. Get out and breathe the fresh air. You will love it and know you are on the right track.

Happy New Year!

Gray Iron Fitness

New Year. New Body. New You.

Who was John Grimek? And why you should care.

John Grimek was one of the mid-20th century strongmen lifters who transitioned to become a bodybuilding champion. He set a standard of near perfection that few have achieved since.

In the early 1900s, physique contests as we know them really didn’t exist. Then as they started to appear, many of the contestants were recruited from the world of competitive lifting and strongman feats. These were strongmen first and foremost, with great athletic abilities, but also men of ideal physical proportions. (The cartoon-like, steroid-created, men and women bodybuilders we think of today did not exist.)

The super-strong and also symmetrically proportioned John Grimek was the epitome of the strength athlete/bodybuilder of the day. He was a major force and one of those people who represented all that is good about weight training.

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