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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter, Issue #316 In Retirement
February 01, 2022

February 1, 2022

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In Retirement

Some of the following about retirement ran here years ago. It got high reader response from both those nearing or already living a retirement lifestyle. But I wonder about younger, working seniors, still in their early 50s? Is the subject only for the over 60 crowd? I hope not. Because the younger you are when you consider your future in retirement, the better off you will be when that day arrives. So please read on, everybody.

The senior advocacy people at both AARP and AMAC know when you turn a mere 50, and they send you invitations to join their organizations. In their eyes, you’ve just crossed that line — you are a senior. Like it or not. It has been 35 years since I found my invitation in the mailbox. So I’ve been a senior a long time. At first, finding that invitation was a shock. Who, me? A senior? That can’t be. I sure don’t feel like a senior. For a while, I would joke about it with friends. Hey, guess what? AARP wants me. Funny, right?

But the clock stops for no one.

Even younger seniors who don’t think much about retirement, will, eventually, realize the day isn’t all that far off. Depressing? For some, it is. And that's too bad. Because here is the good part: When you do finally retire, you really can, if you choose to, and you have planned ahead, rediscover a passion in life.

Here is how I did it. I knew that art and fitness were fundamental in my life by the time I was a teenager, and probably even earlier than that. One thing I could do better than most of my peers was sketch and draw with accuracy. Another thing was that I was continually looking for ways to build strength and fitness. Other matters, some critically important in life, and some really not worthy of effort diverted my attention along the way; but, finally, there I was — retired. I could actually do as I pleased.

Now that so many years have passed, I can say that I’ve never really felt a void. In fact, it has been quite the opposite. I am fortunate to have been absorbed in the creative process of making art, while at the same time promoting the fitness lifestyle. Without those strong interests, however, or something equally engaging, I cannot imagine what life would be like. We've all seen people who retire and then squander potentially rewarding years.

Probably your interests are very different from mine. The differences aren’t important. What’s important is that somewhere in each of us interests are there, perhaps dormant, but waiting to be rediscovered and released. One good way to uncover them is by looking backward to your childhood and adolescence. Recall the thoughts, activities, and dreams that sent your imagination and spirit soaring. Those are your clues. Develop interests related to them and, no exaggeration, you are likely to experience a personal renaissance.

I realize this newsletter’s subject is a little different than most, not being focused directly on some aspect of exercise or diet or fitness in general. Still, as a senior, you may have experienced some of these same thoughts or concerns.

Stay healthy. Stay fit.


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