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  • Don't Let Your Inner Geezer Win

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Don't Let Your Inner Geezer Win

Researchers recently discovered an "inner-geezer" hormone that starts to kick in at about age 50. At first we don’t notice its presence. It’s sneaky, and it’s gradual. Yet with each passing year, its boldness grows. And if we don’t watch out, in a decade or two it rules.

Total geezer takeover can occur because we don’t see it happening. Like I said, it’s sneaky. Until one day we take stock of ourselves and realize we don’t get around as well as we used to. Our belt size has expanded and we droop. Or reality may smack us in the face when the doctor doesn’t like the look of things at an annual physical.

Is prevention possible?

First of all, be aware of warning signs. Here are a couple of red flags: Are you spending more and more hours in front of the TV? Are most of your conversations dominated by how things “used to be”? (A little reminiscing is fun. But we can’t go back.) Well, watch out! Your ig-hormone production is growing, and your inner-geezer is taking over.

Don’t despair

Resistance training suppresses the ig-hormone and keeps our inner-geezer at bay. It’s true. Resistance exercises— barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc— make us feel good and they make us look good. So we spend more time looking forward, not backward. We reclaim the positive aspects of our youth. We are once again thinking about goals, not pining about old times.

Look at the picture at the top of the page

That’s me entering my 70s. Okay, I won’t win Mr. America, and I’ve never been a professional athlete. Moreover, I’ve got wrinkles and gray hair...but I’m in darned good shape! I didn’t get that way by accident. I exercise regularly in a smart way and follow a common sense portion-control diet. Years of experience and training have taught me how to go about it.

Today, my own personal training perspective isn’t very complicated. My expectations? I want to look and feel as good as possible for as long possible. That's it. Remain, strong, fit and healthy as long as nature allows. And I'll bet you want the same. We all do.

Are you a beginner?

Take the first step. Go to my Senior-Exercise-Central website. You’ll find a ton of strength and fitness information — and it is free. Sign up for my blog and The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter. They are published to inspire and guide senior trainees. They are free, doesn’t get better than that.

Need a step-by-step guide to strength and fitness training? Get my book Gray Iron: A Fitness Guide for Senior Men and Women. It will guide you through three months of beginning level weight training, healthful eating, and cardiovascular exercise. Step by step. Follow it to the letter and it can change your life in great ways, for the price of few Starbucks lattes.

Do not let your inner-geezer win!

The ball is in your court. Gray Iron: A Fitness Guide for Senior Men and Women

Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Come see the system used by personal trainers The vocation of personal trainer is a relatively recent creation, and a growing field, I might add. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook (2008-2009) describes the job as follows...

"Personal traners work one-on-one with clients either in a gym or in the client’s home. They help clients assess their level of physical fitness and set and reach fitness goals. Trainers also demonstrate various exercises and help clients improve their exercise techniques...They may also advise their clients on how to modify their lifestyle outside of the gym to improve their fitness. They usually must have certification to..."

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