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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter, Issue #356. We're No. 1! (Part Two)
September 15, 2023

We’re No. 1! (Part Two)

Wife Patty and I are football fans. We go to high school games and follow a couple of college and pro teams on TV. No name-dropping, but one of the NFL’s superstars was Patty’s student in middle school. When he was in college, we once drove across three states to watch him play in a game. So, yes, we are fans.

As a fan, I hated writing the following. But facts are facts.

A couple of years ago, ESPN magazine came out with an issue featuring nude athletes. Near the back page was a group shot of one NFL team’s interior linemen. All but one player challenged the scales at well over 300 pounds. Well over three hundred pounds! Though young, fast, and athletic for their immense size, such men’s lifespans and, more importantly, their health spans are likely to be shortened.

Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers interior linemen of the 1960s — considered huge in those days — would likely play in today’s games as svelte linebackers. The game has changed that much, and so has society as a whole. So is bigger better? Watch movies made, say, 50 years ago for context. Look at the crowd and street scenes. Mostly, people were much trimmer than today. (And better dressed too, by the way. Think of Cary Grant in North By Northwest.)

From my book (no longer in print) . . .

“The defeat of famine is the goal of all successful societies. Unfortunately, triumph often evolves into the other extreme—gluttony.” —Living the Fitness Lifestyle

As written in the last newsletter, the old advice that the best exercise is to push oneself away from the dinner table makes a lot of sense; because we cannot out-exercise a gluttonous diet. Eventually, all that over-eating and those fast-food mega-calories end up on our waistlines and in coronary arteries.

A recent Joe Rogan interview with Bill Maher regarding “Obesity Being Treated as a Disease” is a worthwhile discussion. You can reach it on YouTube by accessing “Joe Rogan and Bill Maher obesity being treated as a disease.”

My thoughts on good nutrition are here.

Stay healthy. Stay fit.


Senior Exercise Central

Photographs: Subscribers have asked when the newsletter photo at the top of the page and my website pictures were taken. The photos were taken when I was a mere 70. I’m 86 years old now. Though I remain active, I am no longer nearly as muscular as I was 16 years ago. —LF

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Logan Franklin
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