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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter, Issue #347. A Beautiful Spring
May 01, 2023

A Beautiful Spring

After three years of drought in northern California (where I live), we had a very wet winter, plus there is also a heavy snowpack in the mountains. That’s great news. And now, the spring wildflowers are in bloom, and they are beautiful.

Yet we know what is to come.

This summer, California will again be threatened by wildfires. In recent years, people were made to evacuate their homes and entire communities were burned. In some places, firefighters, police, and other first responders have been challenged to near limits. Thank God for their professionalism and perseverance.

On the plus side, if there is such a thing as a “plus side,” is noticing how inventive people have become regarding their fitness during disruptions such as wildfires and Covid lockdowns.


Every spring and summer evening I take my dog Emma on an exercise walk through the neighborhoods. More people are out walking, jogging, or riding bicycles than I’ve seen in years. So far, the outdoor exercise habit seems to have taken hold permanently.

I saw a young father exercising outside on his driveway as his two young daughters played. He had only two training implements, a skipping rope and a medicine ball. The first time I passed him he was picking up the medicine ball and tossing it overhead and behind him. Then he would bend, pick it up and repeat. Again and again.

As I passed him a second time, on my return walk, he was skipping rope. I thought to myself, now that combination is a heck of a good workout.

A friend of mine, a contemporary, is a lifelong exerciser who preferred running, hiking, and triathlons. Now, like me, he’s in his eighties and can no longer do many of the workouts he could as a younger man. In his senior years, he discovered yoga and loves it. He says he wished he had started it years ago.

Age, the coronavirus threat, wildfires. You name it. Life slaps us around. Adaptation is a prerequisite to enjoying a full and happy life. Adjustments have to be made to overcome any negative realities when they show up. You may not be threatened by wildfires where you live. But perhaps there are other angry Mother Nature threats: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or flooding. Regardless, adjust your training to your age and always follow safety guidelines.

May I also give a plug for fitness lifestyles that include yoga or Tai Chi? Not only do they provide needed exercise movement, but also a relaxed, calming aspect to lives that may be stressed by the unexpected.

As a senior, most of the realistic fitness information you’ll need is here.

Stay healthy. Stay fit.


Senior Exercise Central

Photographs: Subscribers have asked when the newsletter photo at the top of the page and my website pictures were taken. The photos were taken when I was a mere 70. I’m 86 years old now. Though I remain active, I am no longer nearly as muscular as I was 16 years ago. —LF

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Logan Franklin
The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter

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