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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter, Issue #324. Get off the couch
June 01, 2022

Get up off
the couch

Suppose that you are overweight and in bad shape and you never were much of an exerciser, to begin with. Or maybe you were once in great shape but over the years you’ve let yourself go. It’s a tough spot to be in. But really there’s only one thing to do: and that is to forget the past and seize the day.

If your situation seems overwhelming and you don’t know how or where to start, keep it simple and begin by walking. Just open the door and go. Go for five minutes. Then gradually increase the time, in 5-minute increments, and the distances of your walks. Add some body-weight movements later on, push-ups, sit-ups, deep knee bends, etc. But for now, just get up and go on that walk. Do it and I promise amazing things will fall into place.

How far you progress beyond walking and doing some body-weight exercises is up to you. If you do no more than the above, and you do it regularly, you will make measurable improvements in your lifestyle and, more than likely, your longevity. If you want a step-by-step starter program, see my outline for senior beginners.

Now in my mid-80s, I’m still at it. And I’m not that exceptional. Not at all. Many subscribers who write are about my age and live fitness lifestyles. They do it because it is a way of life that they enjoy and they like how they look and feel.

The key is to start doing something regularly that requires movement, no matter what your age. And never stop. The old saying, "Use it or lose it," is true. Only today they call losing it “sarcopenia,” an unpleasant word (from the Greek) meaning poverty of flesh, the wasting away of muscle. It is what eventually robs us of our independence and quality of life.

So please, get up off the couch and go for that walk. You’ll love it. A five-minute walk is a good start. Each day add another five minutes until you are taking 30-minute daily walks. Add body-weight exercises as you progress. Resistance bands or weights (your choice) are up to you.

Stay healthy. Stay fit.


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Logan Franklin
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