The Gray Iron Fitness Super Shake

The Gray Iron Super Shake

Here we go again. Can you imagine there are some Gray Iron subscribers who still haven't tried our Super Shake? Astounding! But here's another chance.

Many of us today are so rushed that a decent breakfast often gets short shrift. Unfortunately, this sets the stage for nutritionally empty quick fixes and overeating later. Fat city!

Instead, try this. Before coffee, tea, or anything else in the morning other than water, drink a tall glass of the Gray Iron Fitness Super Shake. I promise you’ll be ready to fly.

A couple of hours later, have a piece of fresh fruit and whole grain toast with peanut butter, or a hard boiled egg, or bowl of oatmeal. Or if you prefer, first have one of the above, and then, two hours later have your Super Shake.

Either way, your energy will be soaring from first thing in the morning until noon.

And if you haven’t got 10 minutes in the morning to blend your Super Shake, make it the night before and store it in the refrigerator.

Here's what an old friend my high school and USMC days wrote:

"Been wanting to write you about the drink. I know Sally has but I wanted to put my two cents in also. It is really amazing. Itt is really filling and good tasting. I sometime hardly eat much lunch and when I do it is usually vegetables only. I think I have lost about 6 lbs. and do have plenty of energy. We sent the recipe to my son and daughter in law in Boise and they are going to try it." --Dave Gibson

Perfect! That's what I like to hear. And I'll be you'll say the same thing when you try it.


The following is for two people. Simply, cut the ingredients in half for one person.

  • 3-heaping tablespoons of freshly ground* flaxseeds.

  • 2-heaping tablespoons of nonfat yogurt containing live friendly bacteria (with no added sweeteners).

  • 2-scoops of whey protein powder (40 grams of protein).

  • 2-cups of fresh or frozen mixed berries (with no added sweeteners).

  • 2-½ cups of plain soy milk (with no added sweeteners).

*Grind the flaxseeds in a coffee grinder.

Blend and drink.

You're gonna love it!

Click to see this amazing compact gym system

The Squat Thrust

The Squat Thrust (also called Burpees) is a total body exercise that can really get your heart pumping and lungs gasping. Sound like torture? Not really, just a heck of a good workout and a real fat blaster.

Squat Trusts are perfect for high intensity circuits or intervals that combine resistance training with cardio.

Now if you're unfamiliar with this one, enter with some measure of caution. And senior beginners should wait until they've built a reasonable fitness base. Or do just a few reps to see what they're like.

For more advanced trainees: Go for it! Accept the challenge.

See Jennifer's demo here.

The Search for Eternal Youth

Ponce de Leon was looking for youth in all the wrong places. Instead of Florida, the Spanish explorer should have been digging in Africa.

According to Scientific American, naked mole rats – which are hairless, sausage-like rodents that live in burrows beneath the arid soils of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia – have a remarkable ability to resist aging.

With a maximum lifespan of about 30 years, the naked mole rat outlives all other rodents by a wide measure. It lives about 10 times longer than the similarly-sized lab mouse and does not show the normal signs of aging such as dementia, menopause, and bone density loss until it's near death. Humans start losing bone density in their 30s.

Scientists are getting closer to understanding why these animals grow old so gracefully, and they hope their findings will lead to therapies for staving off age-related ailments in humans.

For more info.

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Logan Franklin
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