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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter, Issue #272 Passing the time in self-quarantine.
April 01, 2020

April 1, 2020

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Passing the
time during

Seniors are more adept at dealing with “leisure” time than younger people, as many of us are retired. At the other end of the spectrum, recent news videos of Spring Break antics by college students demonstrate grossly irresponsible behavior in a crisis. Fun is fun. But now?

Older folks, in general, are better at entertaining ourselves. Still I must admit, personally, that I didn’t go out as much as I used to anyway, even before the coronavirus. Staying close to home base seems easy. As a lawyer friend told me, “I’d rather read a book.”

I like writing letters to friends, and now being inside for long periods has increased my output. Taking care of office chores helps, too. Patty and I filed our tax returns and completed the census form. I’ve read that with self-quarantines in effect, now is a good time to de-clutter homes and do yard cleanups. Sounds like good advice.

But what about workouts and staying in shape? I bet you knew I’d get around to that.

In the last newsletter, I wrote about health club members prudently staying away from the gym for a while. Now in some places it’s not a choice. It’s mandatory. If you’ve ever considered creating a home gym, now might be a good time to get started.

When the unexpected happens, we find out just how creative people are. Several subscribers wrote back with exercise ideas of their own. Example: One subscriber does 15 reps each of pushups, squats, and crunches, back-to-back, for 15 minutes. Then he goes on a walk. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Proving that you don’t need expensive equipment to stay in shape.

Here’s a way to have some exercise fun at home that may appeal to younger seniors, those still chasing more muscle mass, like building big arms. Peary & Mabel Rader published a wonderful muscle magazine in the 1950s, called Iron Man (not the magazine today by the same name). Mr. Rader explained a program to develop bigger arms in one day. Impossible, you say? Before making final judgment, please read the article. Peary & Mabel Rader were solid people. With some self-confinement time on your hands, you might have fun trying it.

Today, I use versatile resistance bands at home and go on long walks with my dog, Emma. But that’s a daily ritual for me anyway, and now it’s truly ideal with the isolation protocol in effect where I live.

Or if you’re a total beginner, why not check out my beginners’ program? Even if you don’t have the equipment now at hand to start the resistance exercises, just getting outside for that first short walk is a real start. Then build on your walk, just as it is explained. It’s simple and easy, yet a giant step forward.

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Consumer Reports provides excellent guidelines for grocery shopping during the coronavirus pandemic. Highly recommended. Go here:

Stay healthy. Stay active. Practice safe social distancing.


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