Home Gym Equipment
Has Advantages

Home gym equipment is convenient. You never have to drive somewhere for a workout. Your space at home is only as crowded as you want it to be. You never have to wait to use a piece of equipment. You can workout at any time of day or night that you please. And the equipment you need does not have to be expensive (depending on the type you decide on).

Training at home has definite advantages. But it would be unfair not to also mention the reasons some people prefer gyms and health clubs. There you have a wide selection of free weights, exercise machines, and group fitness classes. And most are friendly places with members of all ages and fitness levels, from out-of-shape beginners to high-level athletes.

So as you consider both options, think about the most important factor of all: your own personality and nature. In which venue are you are most likely to thrive? That should be your highest priority.

Former Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl, began as a teenager exercising with home gym equipment. He later went on to own several commercial gyms around the state of California. Now in his eighties, he is back working out at home. He is certainly not alone. Many big name bodybuilders, power lifters, and fitness buffs have been products of garage gyms.

If you decide to train at home, you'll need some basic home gym equipment such as a barbell, dumbbells and an adjustable angle bench. Even routines using limited equipment along with some body weight calisthenics and walking or running for cardio can form a sound, well balanced program.

Some multi-station exercise machines are excellent, too; but of course they are much more expensive than a set of free weights. Beware of cheap multi-station machines. A close look usually reveals poor construction and they are not likely to hold up. Also be skeptical of a lot of the exercise gadgets seen on TV. Not all, but much of it is useless.

To start with, you really can’t go wrong with the basic, field-tested and proven barbell, dumbbells, and an adjustable bench. You can always add to those over time. For more specific information on training equipment options, click on the following . . .

When it comes to the cardiovascular part of your fitness plan, hiking, walking, running, cycling, and swimming are all good choices. If you want something that works well inside your home gym, consider the following . . .

So training at home can be convenient and efficient but requires self-discipline. There can be interruptions, and the potential for procrastination is always there.

Consider a training partner. A good training partner adds to the enjoyment of working out. And the obligation makes procrastination more difficult. Be sure to pick someone with similar goals. It could be your spouse, other family member, or a friend.

In the end, it is having a practical plan and self-discipline that leads to success. For some, it is best achieved in a home gym; for others, a commercial health club is better. Know thyself.

Do you already have a home gym? I know that other seniors would like to see it and learn how and why you chose your home gym equipment. We make sharing it easy to do. Just click here.

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