Muscle Stories and Fitness Interviews

Muscle stories and fitness interviews are mostly with people I know, or have known, either personally or as internet friends. Their training and exercise methods vary, sometimes greatly. But their common thread is a passion for and commitment to vibrant living and fitness as a lifestyle.

Discover in muscle stories interesting people with perspectives we can all appreciate and often learn from.

Please enjoy them . . .

  • Boedecker Home Gym
    Lifelong fitness advocate designed a home gym anyone will admire.

  • Dave Draper Article
    Former Mr. America, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe talks about training and growing older.

  • Tim Dugas
    Personal trainer Tim Dugas tells how after retirement he began a new career in fitness.

  • Mrs. Gray Iron Fitness
    Patty Reyes Franklin discovers weight training and a new way of life.

  • David Gibb
    An interview with Northern California personal trainer David Gibb.

  • John Grimek: A weightlifting champion and bodybuilding icon was a key man at the York Barbell Company.

  • Roy Hilligenn
    One of the great strongmen and bodybuilders of the pre-steroid era of bodybuilding.

  • Kicking Sand in One's Face . . .
    A bully motivated this New York native to get strong.

  • Rich Lalami
    Rich loved weight training, football, and the Marines.

  • Jack LaLanne
    The fitness legend now in his 90s still works out daily.

  • Jennifer (Franklin) Oberth
    California girl builds muscle and burns fat near Arnold Schwarzenegger's hometown in Austria.

  • Terry Overstreet
    At 64 years old, he was out of shape and weighed 300 lbs. At 66, he's fit!

  • Amelia Phillips
    A gym owner in Australia and self-described "fitness nut." Amelia walks the talk.

  • Peary Rader's Iron Man magazine. For 50 years, Peary & Mabel Rader published an admired bodybuilding and weightlifting magazine.

  • Steve Reeves Championship Workout. Discover the exact workouts Reeves took preparing for the Mr. America and Mr. Universe competitions.

  • Shirley Rupp. A weight trained grandmother of six fights off a mugger and being robbed.

  • Skwigg
    Evolution of a lady fitness buff with lots of common sense.

  • Walt's Gym
    Walt's was definitely old-school when it came to pumping iron.

  • Yarick's Gym
    The famous West Coast gym was the gathering place of champions.

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