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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter, Issue #210. Geezer Syndrome
September 01, 2017

September 1, 2017

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Don't Let Your
Inner-Geezer Win

Researchers say there is an "inner-geezer" hormone that starts to kick in at about age 50. Of course most of us, at that young age, don’t notice its presence. It’s sneaky, and it’s gradual. Yet with each passing year, its boldness grows. And if we don’t watch out, in a decade or two it rules.

A total inner-geezer takeover can succeed only because it’s almost invisible, so we really don’t realize it’s happening while it’s happening. Like I said, it’s sneaky. Then one day we take stock of ourselves and realize we don’t get around as well as we used to. Our belt size has expanded, and we droop. Or reality may suddenly smack us square in the face when the doctor doesn’t like the look of things at an annual physical.

Is prevention possible?

Yes, it is. Be aware of the warning signs. Here are a couple of red flags:

  • Are you spending more and more hours in front of the TV or other technology devices?
  • Are most of your conversations dominated by how things used to be? Sure, a little reminiscing can be fun, but we can’t go back.
  • When you get up in the morning is there anything you look forward to? There should be. If there isn’t, that inner-geezer hormone is gaining on you.

Don’t despair

Resistance training suppresses the nasty hormone, keeping the inner-geezer at bay. What you’ve heard is true. Resistance exercisebarbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands — makes us feel good and makes us look good. Thus we spend more time looking forward, not backward. We retain or reclaim many of the positive aspects of youth. It’s never too late to set age appropriate goals and to look ahead, rather than pining for old times.

The picture at the top of the page

That’s me entering my 70s. Okay, I was never a big time athlete. Yet regardless of some wrinkles and gray hair, I was still in pretty good shape. I didn’t get that way by accident. I exercise regularly in a smart way and follow a common sense diet. Years of experience and training taught me how to go about it.

Today, I’m 80. I can’t do as much as I could at 70, and certainly not what I could do at 60, or especially at 50. And I’ve had a few health bumps along the way. Still I do pretty well, even today mixing in some High Intensity Tabata with my regular workouts. (A nice feature about an HITT session is that it doesn’t require much space. I can even do a workout in the small office where I write.)

My own personal training goal isn’t very complicated. I want to remain as strong, fit and healthy as possible for as long as nature allows. I'll bet you want the same. We all do. My mission is to provide helpful information to help you do it. And the material at the Senior Exercise Central website is 100% free.

Don’t let your inner-geezer get the upper hand!

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