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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter, Issue #217. Rise up from the couch for holiday fitness.
December 15, 2017

Merry Christmas
and Happy Holidays

December 15, 2017

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A Physical Motivator

Can You Spare a Minute?

A Physical Motivator

Remember Bill Phillips? Oh, he’s still around. But back in the late '90s, he seemed to be everywhere. He wrote the big best seller, Body for Life, and ran before-and-after physique contests with hefty cash prizes. What was different about his Body for Life competitions was the competitors, who were mostly regular folks, not longtime bodybuilders. He also built the successful EAS dietary supplement company. Bill Phillips has done quite well.

Fascinating to me were some of the ideas and events that were catalysts for his projects and promotions. As a young man, he was at a bodybuilding competition. Here, he said, were 25 muscular men and women, supposedly fit, tanned, and flexing muscles on stage. The spotlights, of course, were on them.

Then for a moment he turned his back to the stage and faced the 2500 men and women -- many overweight and out-of-shape -- that made up the audience. These are the people, he thought, that needed a practical plan to shape up and improve their health and fitness. Even then, he loved training people; but I guess you could say that this physique contest was the genesis for his Body for Life programs. This brings me to . . .

Senior Exercise Central

There are some seasoned-citizen superstars who visit the Senior Exercise Central website and subscribe to The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter. Mostly, though, visitors and subscribers are people like me, regular folks staying fit for their age, though not otherworldly powerful or Greek godlike physical specimens . . . and some are out-of-shape senior beginners who know they should do better and want to shape up. Of course senior superstars can be inspirational (you can find some of them at ”Muscle Stories” or “Your Stories"). I admire them. But it’s the more or less average gal or guy that I really hope finds value in the strength and fitness help within the website and newsletters.

If you happen to be one of those out-of-shape beginners and have made up your mind to do something about it, a good place to start is with the Beginners’ Program. It moves along the strength and fitness path quite gradually, which is the smartest way for out-of-shape beginners over 50. There are no beat-you-up workouts that leave you so sore you don’t want to get out of bed the next day. Still, they are progressive, and having completed them amazing transformations are likely.

You don’t have to wait for January 1st to resolve to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. There’s never a time like today to begin to look and feel better. Are you ready? Let’s get started. Go here.

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Can You Spare a Minute?

No excuses workouts are condensed for when time is short, but you know you should do something rather than nothing at all.

Let’s make your situation even tougher. Suppose you're really pressed for time, and you have no equipment, none; and your only space in which to exercise is about the size of a postage stamp. What do you do?

You do Burpees!

Makes no difference if you’re a total beginner (don’t be afraid to try) or fitness pro. There’s a Burpee style just for you. Check them out.


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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter

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