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The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter, Issue #218. Start the New Year right. Get fit.
January 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018

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Starting Out

The first day of January starts off the greatest gym membership drive of the year. Health club signups will be on like crazy, as people resolve to get fit and live healthier lives. Some who make the fitness commitment will actually stick with it. Good for them! They deserve our praise and admiration. Unfortunately, if history is our reference, most, however, will soon lose heart and drop out.

So which beginners will have long-term success? And which ones won’t?

One determining factor in whether a commitment truly results in success or failure has to do with the method and venue one chooses when starting out. My suggestion for starting out (or starting over) is this: don’t jump into the deep end of the pool before learning to dog paddle. In other words, resolve to get (or stay) fit -- but don’t do too much too soon. Always push forward, yes, but push gently. We are seniors, after all.

Are you the kind that enjoys group activity? Or do you like to do things by yourself, or with one or two friends? People who like groups usually do well in workout classes, such as aerobics and Zumba programs, as two examples. Others get more out of training solo or with a training partner or two (personally, I think training partners are always a good idea). Speaking in generalities, more women seem to gravitate to group exercise classes. While men tend to pump iron on their own or with a buddy or two.

Think about your personality and preferences, generally, when deciding what kind of program is most likely to lead to your success. If you like groups you’ll have to join a health club or find some other venue where classes are held. Those who train alone or with a partner or two may join a gym or workout in home gyms.

Regardless of where you go (or stay at home), remember that balanced training must have some degree of each of three ingredients. They are:

Some forms of circuit training can include all three elements in a single workout. Interval training can be an all-in-one format, too, though senior beginners ought to start out easy before doing high intensity (HIIT) sessions.

It’s a New Year. Here is to making it a great one! For senior beginners, a good place to start is right here.

Pair your workouts with good nutrition and you’re on the way to good health and fitness.

Senior Exercise Central.

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Logan Franklin
The Gray Iron Fitness Newsletter

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