55 and getting Bored? Here are some Ideas.

by Evan
(Chandler AZ)

I'm a 55 year old male living in Chandler AZ. I spent 30 years in Law enforcement teaching and training fitness and self defense. I retired in 2014 but continue training to improve my fitness as I get older.

I love to "workout" but noticed as I get older my attention span during workouts is good for about 30-40 minutes then I became disinterested. Not tired or fatigued, just bored. For the past year I have been experimenting with what I call "timed workouts." Please don't confuse these type of workouts with the mainstream "Cross Fit" "P90X" stuff you see everywhere.

Timed workouts should be challenging and fun, not debilitating! The only equipment needed is a GYM-BOSS timer. I use the GYM-BOSS app on my smartphone.

Here is how it works:

30 minute workout. Lets say you decided on pushups and pullups, squats, straight leg deadlifts, kettle bell military press, janda situps.

I set it up like this:

1 Pushups x 8-10 reps
2 Squats x 3-5 reps
3 Pullups x 3-5 reps
4 KB military press 3-5 reps
5 Straight Leg deadlift 3-5 reps
6 Janda situps 3-5 reps

Complete each set 1-6 on the minute then start round 2, complete 5 rounds total or 30 sets in 30 minutes.

Each exercise is done on the minute with the rest period being whatever is left over after the set has been completed.

Example 10 push ups takes 20 seconds you have 40 seconds of rest before starting your squats.

Things to keep in mind. Choose reasonable weight, if you squat 225 x 5 reps easily use 215 or 225 for sets of 3 reps working up to five. This workout may seem easy at first but remember you are starting each set on the minute!!! and we are working for 30 minutes continuously.

If you are short on time or just wanna get it done!! Here are two of my favorites.

20 minutes total time
1 Dead lift 7 sets 3-5 reps
2 KB Military 7 sets Press 3-5 14 total rounds finish with 1 Pistol squat 2x2 each leg 3 rounds
2 ab wheel roll-out 5 x 3
3 rounds 6 total rounds or 20 in 20 minutes

another 20 min gem
1 Squat 5 sets 3-5 reps
2 weighted Chins 5 sets 3-5 reps 10 total then move to 1 Kettle-bell swings 5 x 10 reps
2 Pushups 5 x 10 reps

10 sets total or 20 in 20 minutes

Remember you can choose any exercise!, compound lifts work best. Body-weight exercises work great just use 5-10 reps. Let me know what you think. Evan P.

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Mar 16, 2021
by: Evan

I usually workout 3-4 times per week depending on how I feel. I have a home gym so its convenient. I also speed walk frequently. Good Luck

Mar 15, 2021
by: John H

Evan, I like your workout approach. How often do you workout. Is this a daily routine? John

Sep 18, 2015
by: robert m Oliva

I like the routines. They are sure to reduce boredom and help to maintain a high degree of fitness. I like the starting on the minute idea.

Aug 17, 2015
Defeating Boredom
by: Logan

I like your approach!

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