Arnold Press and Dumbbell Curl Combo

The Arnold Press was a favorite of California's former governor during his Muscle Beach days. He liked to start the press with his palms facing him, and as the weights were pressed overhead they rotated to face forward. He would retrace the movement in the reverse coming down.

I've added two things. From what I've seen in photos, the governor pressed the dumbbells while seated. He was using huge weights and probably wanted to concentrate entirely on his shoulders.

I like to do them standing. It forces me to keep my core tight, as it should be when doing any kind of overhead pressing.

The second thing I've added to the movement is a biceps curl. So the movement goes as follows: Curl, press, return ... curl, press, return. Watch the video a few times before trying it. And of course it can be done either seated or standing. I prefer standing for the reason given above.

I think you'll find that it's a nice upper-body combination movement that flows well, while working biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

As always, don't hold your breath. Get a comfortable inhale-exhale rhythm going.

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