Back problems don't stop me

by Alan
(Roswell, GA, USA)

I have suffered from lower back problems for years. It started in my 20's and I am now 65. I have degenerative discs. I found a set of exercises that work to control this pain and discomfort and practice them daily. Strength training also helps tremendously.

I began weight training as a teenager, and being a smaller guy, I found it helped my self esteem and outlook both to be strong and look strong. I now work out 4 to 6 times a week, but only for 20 to 30 minutes at most. My routine changes as I feel necessary, but it always includes some body weight exercises. Pullups and pushups in addition to ab work done on a mat.

I am now doing a power routine of squats and deadlifts on some days, followed by back and arm work. The alternate days I do bench presses and military presses along with other shoulder, chest and triceps work.

I can still do 12-20 pullups, and I have gotten my squat up to 285 at a bodyweight of 140. Shoulder issues hamper the bench press but I can handle 170 lbs.

The strength training has kept me looking and feeling younger than I am, and I will always try to maintain a routine in the gym. I enjoy an inexpensive fitness club membership where I can use the sauna after a workout.

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