Dive Bomber Pushups

Dive Bomber push-ups are great upper-body muscle builders, as well as wonderful total body stretches. Yoga people may recognize the starting position as similar to the downward dog pose.

The USMC loves Dive Bombers, and Marines don't waste their time with training that doesn't get results.

They aren't for beginners though. Get good at doing standard push ups first. Then introduce a few dive bombers. They'll probably be difficult at the start, so don't expect immediate perfection. You'll improve. And before long, you'll be stretching out all the way -- and loving it! Now gradually add repetitions.

The mechanics

Get a mental picture of lowering your body to go under an imaginary barrier and then thrusting yourself forward and up; now retrace your movement back under the imaginary barrier to the starting position. And remember: Never hold your breath. Breathe naturally and often.

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