My Therapy

by Gerard
(Omaha,Ne. USA)

My dear dad got us formally into lifting when we were young. I was 12 and my brother was 10. Dad had issues of the old Strength & Health magazines and I remember being in awe of John Grimek...Bob Hoffman...and all of them.

Dad had a set of York standard barbells which we curled, pressed, and squatted with. But as kids we would gravitate toward the exercises we did best...mine was pressing a 45-lb dumbbell 20 reps with right arm...left was weaker (lol).

Later in high school my brother and I got involved with gymnastics and that's where I started doing bodyweight exercises, which I still do today. I'm 67-years old now and retired from USPS. The walking and lifting help me a lot with depression and anxiety.

Hope everyone to this site finds their motivation and relief from exercise.


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