Renegade Row Pushup Combo

Most sports or even daily activities involve several muscle groups working in concert, rather than in isolation. The Renegade Row pushup combo rates well in this regard, requiring all upper body muscle groups to work together.

To start, you are in a position similar to the Plank, where your body has to be firm and tight from head to toe. You cannot do the combo if your abs and spine relax and sag.

The pushup part requires pecs, frontal deltoids and triceps working in unison. Then, as you balance on one arm, while keeping tension in your abs, chest and shoulder muscles, you pull one dumbbell (or kettlebell) up to one side; and then change arms and do the same on the opposite side. The row works your lats, rhomboids and biceps in a wonderful compound movement.

Before trying it, here are a few things to remember:

  • You should use hexagon dumbbells or kettlebells. Standard circular plate dumbbells will roll and are therefore dangerous.

  • Spread your feet to shoulder width or more for balance.

  • Begin with lighter weights. Get the feel of the movement before graduating to heavier weights.

  • Although you must stay tight from head to toe throughout the set — do not hold your breath. Breathe!

  • Count 1 rep after you have completed 1 pushup and 1 row on each side. Eight to 12 reps make up a good set. The heavier the weights, of course, the lower the reps.

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