Retirement Income

By Logan Franklin

Many people look forward to retirement without giving enough thought to how they will spend their time. This usually is an unfortunate mistake they later regret. Still others retire and would like to have or really need additional retirement income.

I would like to tell you about a possible solution to either of those situations. What I suggest may not be for everyone, but it might be just the right thing for you. So please read on.

I retired from publishing a relatively young man. My post-retirement plans were to develop my skill and reputation as a painter and printmaker. And because fitness had always been a focal point in my life, I also wanted to promote that lifestyle and help others enjoy healthier lives.

I taught fitness classes and wrote newsletters and enjoyed doing it. When online publishing became a reality for anyone with a computer, I built my first web site about fitness for mature adults (people at about age 50 or more). I explained how seniors can enrich and lengthen their lives with practical exercise and proper eating.

My web site had a measure of success, but I was not reaching as many seniors as I wanted to. Though my original purpose was not additional retirement income, it is in my nature to think in a business-like way with any project I'm involved in.

Having been in the publishing field (print publishing) for 20 years, I thought I should be able to figure out for myself how to grow an online audience. While the Internet was new to me, there are certain basics in common in all forms of publishing. Honest, reliable information that people are seeking is fundamental for long term success. However, some Internet success factors such as earning preferred search engine placement (just to name one) were, frankly, puzzling.

One day, I saw small ad in Robert Ringer’s newsletter that read, “Don’t Just Build a Web Site. Build a Successful Business.” I clicked on it and found a company called Solo Build It. Convinced by what I discovered, I signed up and began rebuilding my web site the Solo Build It way. The mysteries of quality web site publishing and attracting more people to my site had been demystified.

The number of visitors to Senior Exercise Central has grown steadily every month since it went online. And what is wrong with earning additional retirement income while doing something that I love?

Was it easy? Honestly, there was hard work involved. But it was also fun. I am highly suspicious of web hosting places that say you can put up a successful web site with little effort. You may be able to slap one together quite easily. But without the proper preliminaries, coaching and support, those sites invariably die a slow death.

Solo Build It was founded by Ken Evoy, M.D. I have found his instruction and staff refreshingly honest and always willing to go the extra mile to help or answer questions. They will guide even absolute online business novices, step-by-step, providing them with all the tools to become a successful online entrepreneur.

As I said at the beginning, their program may not be for everyone. But if you have ever been remotely interested in additional retirement income through an online business or publishing, it doesn’t cost a dime to take a look at the . . .

Solo Build It information page -- specifically for retirees or soon to be retirees.

Younger men and women interested in online business should click here.

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