Skinny but Fat

Hi Logan

Just a note of appreciation for the two fitness manuals, Gray Iron and Living The Fitness Lifestyle.

You mentioned in your last newsletter that you often wondered if the people receiving your letter were living the fitness lifestyle. Well I am learning to do just that and am pleased beyond telling at the progress I have made in a short time.

I am a grey haired old gent of 66 years. Without getting into all the whys and wherefores, I began this voyage last August by hiring a trainer at our local YMCA. She was great, and I was enthusiastic. I am by the way a gym klutz, but the nautilus machines are right up my alley. Get on and push or pull. I found the workouts balanced with cardio on alternate days provided a level of fitness but little real change. I was a skinny but kind of fat skinny guy and had a long way to go.

I am keen on whatever I take up so did a lot of looking around to try to understand what it takes to be fit. There is much information out there but little that I could actually do!

I found your website by accident and the presentation and attitudes there led me to buy the books, read them and put the information into action. My ability to change is slow, but I have made changes to my diet, I seldom miss a workout and I plan and record my workouts. I love using barbells and dumbbells because I can feel what is happening and more of my muscles are used per exercise.

I have had some challenges adapting to free weights but have muddled through by rereading or simply asking for help. Initially I could not do a French Press or a pushup but used a cable machine to strengthen my triceps. There are so many ways to do this!

I can see and feel progress. Thanks for the realistic help in beginning a fitness lifestyle.

As an aside, I am Canadian. You mentioned Doug Hepburn being at Yarick's Gym. I was taught history and phys-ed in high school by Dave Baillie. Dave was on the Canadian team with Doug at The British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1956.

Dave taught with intelligence, patience and humour. A chalkboard brush would disappear into his hands. He had two brothers who played professional football for “Les Allouettes de Montreal”


Bob Netherton

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Feb 25, 2012
by: Bob White

Hi Bob. I'm glad tp see that you are making great progress with the weights. From your post I'm guessing that you are living in the East. I was born in Montreal 1932, lived in Toronto, London UK, Richester NY and for the past 23 years in Victoria BC. Ageing is a state of mind, isn't it.

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